Fake TAG Heuer Link Automatic Chronograph Watch

We get lots of watch reviews from By-Tor who does lots of independent writing for Replica Collector and other forums. Here are By-Tor’s investigations about the TAG Heuer Link Automatic Chronograph piece, which deserves some much-needed eyebrow-raising.
A durable mineral window shields the black/silver dial, which features silver-tone applied hour indexes.

Not unlike the Fighter of Breitling fame, the TAG Heuer Link Automatic Chronograph’s sub-dial spacing is flawless, which is no small feat, even where the best replica watches are concerned – sorry PT. The image below is self-made so give it some slack; it’s just to show my point.


Forget the lighting and the other aesthetics – you can plain as day see that the only real difference is the date window, which is a big bigger. Unless even that is not different and its just the factory picture that’s fooling me.

A black leather strap attaches the TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 1887 Chronograph Jack Heuer Edition Replica Watch securely and comfortably to your wrist.
This TAG Heuer changed all that for me – especially the part about quality and quantity. It immediately looked like a high-end Tag Heuer replica and I immediately started bugging my dealer Precious Time to get one for me. When it finally came to me, it was just as beautiful as I expected, and didn’t have a scratch on it. The delivery was great too – thanks PT! No hassles with international shipping, no UK mumbo-jumbo, no haggling, just a pristine TAG to prod and poke and write about for you folk.



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